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What is an Encoded Polyline?

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  1. Thank . This post was very helpful.
    I want to extract co-ordinates of points at regular interval on a google maps route. Is there anyway to do this using the encoded polyline Algorithm.

    • Dan Mandle

      August 12, 2016 — 12:54 pm

      Potentially. Can you retrieve the route as an encoded polyline? If so, you can decode it, and loop through whatever interval you want.

  2. i can retrieve the route as an encoded polyline. I don’t understand the looping through interval part….the source, destination n waypoint co-ordinates are encoded to get the polyline right!? but what if the waypoints are not at regular intervals??
    M sorry ….m a rookie at this….first interaction with real world problems so my questions can be a bit stupid…but i really need to understand this. Thank You.

  3. I think i got it….thanks for this article, it was really helpful.
    I ll get back to this page if I have any issues regarding this. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the article. Am I the only one to whom the links for Mark McClure’s articles does not work?

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