twistoriI love Twistori. If you’re not familiar with it, Twistori is a website that has keywords (love, hate, think, believe, feel, wish) and pulls tweets with those keywords and beautifully scrolls them on the screen. They had a screensaver that did this too, but support stopped with Snow Leopard, but I found a workaround: WebSaver. It does just what it sounds like: load a website when your screensaver is activated. The added benefit for people with dual (or more) monitors, is that it loads Twistori per monitor, which typically allows for a different keyword per screen!

So how do you get this awesomeness on your computer?

  1. Download WebSaver
  2. Open up the DMG and double-click WebSaver.saver
  3. Install
  4. Select WebSaver from your list of available screensavers
  5. Click “Screen Saver Options…”
  6. Put in the URL field and click OK.
  7. Test out your new Twistori screensaver!